Our strategy

Havas has developed a seamlessly integrated global strategy, Converged, designed to answer clients’ ever-increasing needs for cross-functional, fully integrated communications solutions driven by data, technology and AI, while contributing to defining the future of the industry.


Our strategy is based on four pillars:

01. The Havas Village Model ModelModelModel


As early as 2014, Havas pioneered the Village model, physically co-locating agencies in Villages around the world allowing teams to draw on one another’s expertise to deliver 360-degree communications strategies, making us the most integrated group. This model fosters internal mobility, offering talents the opportunity to evolve and move between roles and teams. We have also strengthened our capabilities in key geographies and areas of expertise through several record years in terms of acquisitions.  

02. Investing in Data, Technology and AI


Central to our progress is our continued investment in data, technology and AI over the last 10 years. Throughout this period, we have consistently invested in our future, adding new capabilities and proprietary tools and establishing international networks dedicated to content production, customer experience, and e-commerce. We have also forged strategic partnerships with global leaders to improve our technological capabilities and further our investment in the power of generative AI. 

03. The Power of Creativity ModelModelModel


Nothing would be possible without our driving force – the power of creativity. We are proud of our agencies and the campaigns that constantly push boundaries and shine throughout the world. At Havas, we believe that creativity is, and always has been, the difference in developing meaningful brands. Our strategy is supercharged by technology and AI but powered by humans. 

04. One Common Vision: Meaningfulness 


At Havas, we put meaningfulness at the core of everything we do and strive to set the highest standards in our industry. We are committed to driving positive change in society through the power of our creative ideas because we know that delivering on our promise of meaningfulness is the only way to ensure the best business outcomes for our clients. 

Our Converged Strategic Plan

With meaningful ideas at its heart, the Converged strategy harnesses Havas’ standout creativity, media, and production capabilities, powered by the best data, technology and AI, bringing its global networks and agencies even closer to help drive clients’ businesses. 

A transformed client experience

At Havas, we have always prioritized the quality of our partnership with our clients, at a local or global level. Converged leverages a unique integrated model to even better meet our partners’ needs and offers them perfectly tailored solutions, helping create, produce and distribute personalized and meaningful content and experiences at scale.  


A global Operating System

Converged consolidates our capabilities, tools and expertise to deliver Havas’ meaningful value proposition. Fueled by data, tech and AI across our networks and areas of expertise, it empowers the group’s talents to not only work smarter and faster, but also to craft integrated and sustainable solutions through four steps to match the client journey: 1. Intelligence 2. Design 3. Activate 4. Measure. 


The best data, technology and AI  

We have built a tech model that is future-thought, agnostic in terms of data and tech partnerships and perfectly interoperable with our clients’ systems, to meet their needs even more swiftly and cost-effectively.





Havas is organized into three main business units:

Creative, Media and Health & Wellness communication

Creative Business

Our Organisation Creative Business
A business unit focused on meaningful creativity


At Havas, we believe creativity isn’t just a description of our business, it is part of our agencies’ DNA. We bring together some of the industry’s most creative and accomplished agencies. By combining creative expertise with the strategic and innovative power of our Villages, we can build seamless teams around the individual needs of each of our clients.

Media Business

Our Organisation Media Business
A business unit that builds world-class Media Experience


We create the best media experience, capitalizing on the most meaningful media to build more meaningful brands. We know how to connect a client with their target audience – in the context of where they are, through the content they pay attention to. We deliver this expertise through the Mx System, our global operating methodology and strategic planning process, that creates value for our clients by turning consumer intelligence into clear growth targets, aligning stakeholders and KPIs, and measuring the impact of media experiences.

Health & Wellness Business

A business unit focused on Health and Wellness communication


Driven by human purpose and focused on the betterment of humanity through health, Havas Health Network leverages a global collection of experts and individuals to help people everywhere live healthier lives. With a spirit rooted in innovation, creativity, and education, we are dedicated to delivering consistent excellence and groundbreaking work.

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