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Some cookies or other trackers may be installed on your device (computer, tablet or mobile phone) when you visit our website www.havas.com.

This Cookie Policy contains information about what cookies are, the type of cookies used by Havas on the www.havas.com website and the purposes of these uses, as well as your cookie preferences.

This Cookie Policy should be read together with the Havas Privacy Policy.



What Do We Mean by “Cookies” and “Other Trackers”?


Cookies are small files that contain an amount of data generated when you browse a website and that are installed on your internet browser.
Other tracking technologies, such as trackers, pixels and invisible gifs, operate in the same way as cookies. Cookies and other trackers are used to monitor your activity on the website and allow us (through first-party cookies) as well as third parties (through third-party cookies) to collect information about how you use the website and therefore improve how it functions and your visit to our website.

Some cookies are temporary and are therefore automatically deleted from your device each time you close your browser (session cookies).
Others are persistent; they remain on your device for a period of time specified in the cookies and are activated each time you visit the website which installed them.



What Type of Cookies Do We Use and for What Purposes?


When you browse our website, we use the following types of cookies:


  1. Strictly necessary cookies

    These cookies are necessary for the operations specific to the services provided on the website.

    They are used to provide the basic functionalities of our website, such as remembering your cookie consent choices.


    Name of cookiePublisherPurposeRetention period
    TarteaucitronTarte au CitronSaves your cookie consent choices1 month


    If you prevent these cookies from being installed, you will no longer be able to use these functionalities and the website might not work efficiently.


  3. Performance cookies

    These cookies are used to collect anonymous data for statistical purposes.

    They allow us to measure the website audience and analyze the way visitors browse the website (number of visitors on the website, number of visits per page, time spent on each page, location of clicks, measurement of effectiveness of advertisements, etc.).

    They are also used to detect browser issues and any other difficulties.

    These cookies help us improve our website and your browsing experience.


    Name of cookiePublisherPurposeRetention period
    _pk_id.*MatomoThis cookie is used to maintain a unique user ID.
    13 months
    _pk_ses.*MatomoThis cookie is used to store browsing data.30 minutes


  5. Customization or functionality cookies

    These cookies are used to remember your choices, settings and content preferences on the website [such as your passwords, language, region, time zone, customization choices, etc.] and therefore provide you with a customized browsing experience by tailoring the content of the website for you.


    Name of cookiePublisherPurposeRetention period
    Pll_languageHavasThis cookie allows you to save your language choices for the website1 year


    If you refuse these cookies, we will no longer be able to provide you with certain functionalities and some of the website pages may not work properly.


  7. Third-party cookies


In some cases, we use third parties to manage our cookies.

Third parties may also use their own cookies or other trackers to collect information about your activity on the website, such as, for example, providing you with customized advertising on their own website.

Cookies from certain social networks may also be installed on your device to allow you to interact on social networks, such as Facebook or Twitter.

We are in no way involved in the installation or operation of such third-party cookies and we do not have access to or control over these cookies. These cookies are subject to their own cookie policies, which are available on each website of the third parties concerned and which we encourage you to read.


Name of cookiePublisherCookie categoryPurpose Retention period
Pll_languageHavasFunctionality cookieThis cookie allows you to save your language choices for the website1 year


Third-party cookies placed on our website are subject to an external data controller which, if you accept its cookies, may process your personal data.

Please visit the cookie pages of third-party publishers for information on how they use cookies and other trackers.




When you first visit our website, you are asked to accept or refuse the use of cookies.

If you do not want these cookies to be installed or read on your terminal equipment, a cookie will be placed on your equipment, so that we can record the information that you have objected to the use of cookies.

Similarly, when you agree to the use of cookies, a consent cookie is installed on the terminal equipment.

Recognition of your refusal to install cookies requires a cookie to be installed. So if you deactivate all cookies on your device or if you change your device, we will no longer know that you have chosen this option.

You can manage your cookie preferences at any time by clicking on “Cookie Settings” at the bottom of the website page.



Your Cookie Choices


You have several options to control or limit how cookies can be installed and used by us or by third parties:


  • You can choose to delete all or some of the cookies from your device through your browser settings
  • You can choose to prevent cookies from being installed on your device through your browsing preferences
  • You can allow the use of cookies that we use directly on our website by clicking on Cookie Settings.


To find out more about how to manage or delete cookies from your browser, please follow the links below for each browser:



Please note that if you choose to block or deactivate all or some of the cookies we use, our website may not function properly, and you may not be able to enjoy all the services and functionalities provided through the use of cookies.
If you want to find out more about cookies and how to manage them, you can also visit the following websites: www.youronlinechoices.eu and www.allaboutcookies.org.



Contact Us


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Or send us an email at: havas.communications@havas.com






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