Launched in 2020, Impact+, our sustainable development strategy, brings together our objectives and actions. It is based on three pillars: People, Environment and Meaningful Communication.

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Positively impacting the world

Corporate and Social Responsibility lies at the heart of Havas’s strategy and actions. We have a key role to play in the profound transformation that society is undergoing. That is why we have been making tangible commitments with clear ambitions and measurable objectives since 2009. Every day, we encourage our agencies to use the influential power of their profession to drive positive changes in lifestyles and consumptions habits. We want to engage our clients, talent and suppliers in a responsible communication approach.


Our CSR strategy, Impact+, is structured around three pillars.


The first one is centered around people. It includes local and global initiatives dedicated to supporting our talent’s well-being and mental health, as well as promoting and ensuring diversity, equity and inclusion.
The second one concerns the environment. It is based on an ambitious decarbonization trajectory validated by the Science Based Targets initiative. In addition to achieving global carbon reduction targets, Havas Villages around the world are actively involved in local environmental initiatives based on raising awareness, training and taking concrete actions in the field.
Beyond our own reduction trajectory, we want to support our clients in their sustainable transformation. This is achieved by measuring the emissions associated with the production and distribution of our campaigns thanks to our global tool, Havas Carbon Impact calculator, and by offering more eco-friendly alternatives.


Finally, meaningful communication lies at the heart of our third pillar. We are doing everything we can to bring about positive changes in behaviours and promote new narratives around lifestyles.

Our method: putting creativity at the service of sustainability.

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Stéphanie Bertrand-Tassilly

Global Chief CSR Officer

Our pillars 






The story of a committed group

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Un Global Compact

2003 – UN Global Compact

We were the first communications group to sign the UN Global Compact in support of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Tck Tck Tck

2009 – TCK TCK TCK

We partnered with the United Nations and Kofi Annan to launch the "TCK TCK TCK: Time for Climate Justice" campaign alongside the world's first musical petition featuring over 50 global artists. This year, we also launched our sustainability strategy.

Common Grou,D

2016 – UN Common Ground

We joined the UN Common Ground Initiative and adopted the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 13: Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.

Gp Palau Pledge

2018 – Grand Prix for Sustainable Development Goals

We won the Grand Prix for Sustainable Development Goals in Cannes for the "Palau Pledge" campaign and received the UN Peace Medal for the "Making Friends Across Religions" campaign. This year, we also launched the Havas Climate Solidarity initiative.

Havas Impact+

2020 – Impact+

We launched Impact+, our CSR strategy based on three pillars: People, Environment and Meaningful Communication. We have also set up the first carbon calculator for multi-media campaigns in France.


2023 – Reducing our emissions

The Science-Based Targets initiative (SBTi), an independent global body for companies to set emission reduction targets based on climate science, validated Vivendi’s carbon reduction targets. Havas, like the other Vivendi entities, is committed to this ambitious decarbonization trajectory that concerns the reduction of energy consumption, renewable energies, the reduction of emissions related to our operations and the engagement of our suppliers.


2023 – Grand Prix for Good

Every year, Havas' socially responsible campaigns are recognized with sustainability awards. In 2023, we won the Grand Prix for Good at Cannes for Havas Paris' campaign on behalf of the Anne De Gaulle Foundation, which highlighted the work of the Foundation set up by Yvonne and Charles de Gaulle to help people with mental disabilities.


2023 – Havas Carbon Impact calculator

Launched in November across all the group’s agencies, Havas Carbon Impact calculator is an internal tool for calculating the carbon footprint of a media campaign, a creative campaign, or an event organized for a client. It enables all our employees to support their clients in their sustainable transformation.


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Ecovadis And Rating


In 2023, Havas was awarded the Ecovadis Silver Medal in recognition of its sustainability performance with a score of 67/100.

Iso 14001

ISO 14001

The Havas workforce is almost entirely covered by an ISO 14001 certified Environmental Management System (EMS) across three of our four main markets (Spain, UK and France). This means that almost one-third of our workforce is certified. This certification, granted by an independent body, guarantees the company and its stakeholders that the environmental management system in place complies with ISO standards. When a company obtains this certification, it shows that it is committed to continuous improvement, in compliance with regulations, and with the aim of supervising and reducing its environmental impact.


Carbon Disclosure Project

The CDP, the international benchmark for corporate environmental ratings, awarded Vivendi an A- rating in 2022. Although it has strengthened its criteria, Havas moved up three places in its rating compared to previous years (C in 2021) and is now above the average rating of companies in its sector (B) and European companies (B).


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