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Our global initiatives

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Havas Minds

Havas Minds – global

Launch of the global initiative "Havas Minds" in 2023: a custom-built content series educating employees on mental health awareness

Havas U

Havas University – global

Havas University: online courses and activities available to employees (since 2022)

Women Who Inspire

Woman who inspire – India

Women Who Inspire: an initiative to foster gender diversity and celebrate women in leadership.

Planet Mission

Planet Mission – Spain

"Mision Planeta" (Planet Mission): inspiration and information sessions on sustainable development, organized by Havas Spain for their employees (March 2023)

Hack For Climate

Hack for Climate – France

"Hack for Climate," organized by ekino: harnessing the power of digital technology and collective intelligence to meet the climate challenge (June 2023)

Hmn X 3B

3Bees – Italy

3Bee's Call for Impactibility (Havas Media Network Italy has been the Golden Sponsor since 2022)

Fresque Du Climat

La Fresque du Climat – France

Fresque de la pub & du climat

Hcic Initiatives

Havas Carbon Impact calculator – global

Launch of Havas Carbon Impact calculator

Our meaningful campaigns

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Just Diggit

Havas Lemz

The Decade of Doing

2 Havas London Reckitt Vanish Memyautismandi

Havas London

Me, My Autism & I

21 Havas London Asda The Real Self Checkout Casedef

Havas London

The Real Self-Checkout

Visuel Seul Case Adg Airport Cannes

Havas Paris

Anne de Gaulle

19 Havas Newyork Reckitt Finish Hopefulmonument Case

Havas New York

Hopeful Monument

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