Meaningful communication

We belong to the industry of ideas, and we believe that creativity has the power to bring about positive changes in society. Our goal is to lead the way in creating and delivering responsible communication messages through our agencies in collaboration with our clients and partners.

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Positively impacting society



Our ambitions:


  • Put our expertise at the service of the public interest
  • Promote new narratives about responsible lifestyles and consumption
  • Give prominence to campaigns that raise public awareness of societal issues and the ecological transition
  • Fight stereotypes in our work


Our meaningful campaigns 

0 employees were involved in pro bono/skill-based sponsorship initiatives
0 pro bono campaigns were undertaken by the group's agencies

2023 meaningful communication key figures

Our talents trained in responsible communication


Havas contributed to the development of the “Lifestyle representations and the ecological transition” guide by EpE (Companies for the Environment) released in November 2021. We are committed to making it available to all employees as part of a mandatory training course on responsible communication.



We have also deployed “Act Together,” a mandatory training for all our talent. It covers topics such as the causes and consequences of climate change, new economies emerging in response to the environmental crisis, responsible communication and how to fight greenwashing, as well as the presentation of our CSR strategy.



At the same time, many countries are developing in-house training courses on responsible communication.

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