Our environmental strategy is based on two priorities: embark on an ambitious decarbonization trajectory and support our clients in their positive transformation.

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Our environmental strategy

01. Embarking on an ambitious decarbonization trajectory


Havas, as a subsidiary of Vivendi, is committed to a decarbonization trajectory validated by SBTi and structured around four major objectives:


  • Reduce our greenhouse gas emissions associated with energy consumption (Scopes 1&2) by 71% by 2035
  • Use 100% carbon-free electricity by 2030
  • Reduce our emissions linked to business operations (business travel, fixed assets, waste, freight…) by 43% by 2035
  • Involve our suppliers in a decarbonization strategy aligned with the group’s commitments by 2026


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02. Supporting our clients in their sustainable transformation


Havas is committed to supporting clients in their sustainable transformation and wishes to participate in the decarbonization of the advertising industry. This translates into the following ambitions:


  • Measure greenhouse gas emissions associated with the production and distribution of campaigns as well as raise client awareness of this impact using our internal platform: Havas Carbon Impact calculator
  • Offer greener alternatives and promote eco-designed solutions that meet client requirements
  • Educate clients about the role they can play in addressing issues specific to their sector
  • Promote new narratives on responsible lifestyles and consumption habits, while giving prominence to campaigns that raise public awareness of the ecological transition

Focus on Havas Carbon Impact calculator

In November 2023, we deployed Havas Carbon Impact calculator, our internal platform for calculating the carbon footprint of a media campaign, a creative campaign or an event organized for a client. Combining these three expertises in one unique tool will allow Havas agencies to work together and deliver a full carbon impact assessment of a campaign for a shared client. Carbon data is consolidated at different levels, from the client to the agency, but also at country and global levels.
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Havas Carbon Impact calculator is based on the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol and reference standards and methodologies (SRI, SNPTV, etc.), including life-cycle analysis and ISO 14064-1.


Based on a robust methodology, Havas Carbon Impact calculator aims to provide our clients with the most accurate results possible, ensuring data granularity:


  • The tool reflects the specificities of each country, for example by applying local electricity emission factors (IEA, DEFRA, ADEME), or the location of their data centers.
  • For media plans, the tool also relies on specific data from Havas’ media partners, ensuring consistency in the carbon footprint calculations for agencies and their clients.


Taking a consulting approach with our clients on decisions related to their campaigns is at the heart of the Havas Carbon Impact calculator. This tool enables our agencies to offer solutions for reducing impact before the campaign.
Our clients will be able to see the precise carbon impact breakdown, as well as the steps that emit the most.


Various creative and media formats have been consolidated into a single calculator. For Creative campaigns, the tool covers the carbon impact of a TV spot, radio spot, photo shoot, print ad, web development or an event organized for a client. For Media planning, the tool will cover press, OOH, DOOH, TV/replay, radio, digital, cinema, SMS/email, leaflets or banners.


In the long term, Havas Carbon Impact calculator will help us provide a more comprehensive measurement of Scope 3 emissions in its overall carbon footprint.

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